Revo Technica Copyright Disclaimer

There is a widespread knock-off of Revo Technica products in the marketplace with the REVO markings. These are made with inferior components so buyer beware! They are not genuine Revo Technica products.


1. Control arms come in Orange or Blue (Image 1)
2. Turquoise colored ball joint boot made from hard plastic (Image 2)
3. Non Die-Cast Screws (Image 3)
4. Bear copyrighted REVO HX8891-R or REVO AI9093-R markings (Image 4)

We carry a full one year original manufacturer's warranty against workmanship defects on these camber arms. Revo Technica knock-off products carry no such warranties. We are not held responsible for any liabilities, either direct or indirect, associated with these knock-off products.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4